Office of the CEO

Victoria Kapenda
Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is the head of Administration and Accounting Officer of the local authority. The CEO administers the affairs of the local authority and coordinates the activities of the municipality. The office also serves as the communication link between the Council, its Management Committee and the departments of the Municipality. Services such as Public Relations, Emergency Services, Economic Development and the Mayor’s Office resort under the CEO’s office.



​​​​​​​Remember that all correspondences must be addressed to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Municipality of Tsumeb
Private Bag 2012,
TSUMEB, Namibia.
Email address:

Hand deliveries can be made directly to the Office of the Chief Executive Officer at the Head Office at the Tsumeb Municipality Municipal Office Building in Moses Garoeb Street.
Note:  Letters must be duly signed and should reflect the correct return postal / email address, telephone number and Erf number (if applicable).