Department Health and Parks

Glen Emil Kearns
Health & Parks


The Health Department of the Municipality of Tsumeb executes their duties as stipulated in the Local Authorities Act, No.23 of 1992 as amended.

The two divisions that resort under this department is each with their own Divisional Head. With-in the Parks Division does Gardens and Cemeteries also feature as well as other sections under Cleansing, however the Manager: Health & Parks is overall responsible for the department. Other duties performed by this department is the Inspectorate part where-by legislation is enforced pertaining to the registration of businesses.

Cleansing Division

The main aim of this service is to ensure that all waste is removed. The removal of waste has to abide to fundamental principles, which are;

vCollection of Waste

vContainment of Waste
vHandling of Waste
vTratement of Waste
vTransportation of Waste
vSafe Disposal of Waste

The service that the Municipal Council renders is the House to House as well as Business to Business Refuse Removal. The Council as it is known as a garden town, introduced a Garden Refuse Removal Service.

The Municipal area has been divided into two main sectors that are Tsumeb Town and Nomtsoub Suburb. For Household & Business removals has the Town sector been divided into two areas, which is being cleaned on Mondays. Nomtsoub has been divided into four areas and is being cleaned the rest of the days. A map in this regard has been circulated among the residents to know exactly when refuse collection are taking place. The equipment Council used for this removal services are 2 x Rear End Loader (Compactors).

With reference to the Garden Refuse Removal has a paid load service been introduced to residents living in the Town area. These loads are being removed on request and the residents pay for per load. For the Nomtsoub Suburb and surroundings has Council resolved in 1998 that all residents will be charged an extra fee on their monthly accounts in order to allow for the removal of garden refuse.

Street Sweepers, Refuse Removal Contractors and Public Toilet Cleaners were contracted for Nomtsoub and Ondundu. This removal service had included the cleaning of open spaces.

The Council has also introduced a waste removal operational system that is called a Skip Container system. For this service have Council 2x Skip Trucks.

However, the main challenge ahead is the establishment of a new landfill site. The current landfill site has not reached its full potential, but the site has to rehabilitated and closed down.

A new Waste Disposal site of 15 Ha has been identifiedon the opposite side of the Sewer Plant on land that has been donated by Dundee Precious Metal Tsumeb.


Waste Management will not be successful if the 3R’s/5R’s cannot be implemented. These are for Re-Use, Recycle and Rehabilitation / *Refuse & Rot.

Although a small attempts on recycling takes place at the landfill site, does it needs strengthening in order for the people to become waste wise. This we hope to achieve through Green Town Initiative. We need to be made aware as to how to re-use waste for energy sources to clamp down on deforestation. This might have an impact on climate change whether only by a fraction, but every small little helps.

Concerning the landfill site does it need to be rehabilitated before it can be closed. Expertise on closure is important particularly due to the location of the site. When rehabilitated the future prospective use of the area has to be determined.

Park Division

This division does not only ensure the beautification of Tsumeb, but Parks, Islands, Walk-Ways, Cemeteries and Sportgrounds are also being cared for. The most common trees in town are Bougainvilleas and Palm trees.

All Parks, Islands and Sport Grounds are cleaned, irrigated and cut on a regular basis. The same applies trees inclusive of Bougainvilleas and Palm trees that are being pruned. It also happens that sometimes bush eradication has to be performed to clear paths or make ways for easy access.

Cemeteries are managed by this division and kept in a need and tidy condition to ensure that loved ones who passed on are buried with dignity.

This division engages in pest & weed control where-by insects and pest in public gardens are being combated. A small nursery is operated by parks that caters for the gardening needs of Council.


The department further executes inspectorate services where-by legislation is enforced pertaining to the registration and licensing of businesses. All businesses are inspected to ensure compliance to prescribed legislation.

The department also engages in disease & pest control activities. Annual spraying / larvaciding is performed where-by most water sources in Tsumeb are sprayed.

Health education is continuously provided to create awareness on environment and health. It is there-for that clean-up campaigns in collaboration with schools and other community groups are held.