Our Services

As most local authorities in Namibia, The Municipality of Tsumeb provides various services to residents and businesses. These include:

Land & Development

The municipality provides serviced and unserviced land for development and housing purposes. Land is sold via public auction, tender and direct sale agreements, as land is acquired and becomes available. Tsumeb’s majority of land is owned by the mine, which makes the provision of land a challenge. The municipality has to negotiate through exchange and special arrangements with the various mine owners government ministries to obtain land to met the demand for housing, business and industrial development projects. Tsumeb can only extend its development efforts northwards.


The municipality is not directly involved in providing housing, but encourages and supports build-together and low-cost housing schemes such as the Shack-dwellers Association, Build-Together Trust and National Housing Enterprise. 

Building Plans

The Town Planning Division of the municipality ensures that construction and development take place in accordance to the Structure plan, building regulations and environmental considerations. This task entails and includes:
•    Land consolidation, zoning,
•    Building plans (review and approval)
•    Design & Drafting
•    GIS mapping
•    Building Inspection (compliance to building regulations during construction)
•    Surveying

Water Supply

Potable water is supplied to residents and businesses. Water is supplied through own boreholes extracted from the large underground aquifers and pumped to a number of reservoirs that provide water to Tsumeb and the mining industry. The water is continually tested for mineral and bacteriological content to ensure that is safe for human consumption. The mine also provides semi-purified water (purified effluent) to residents for gardening purposes. 
Sanitation and Waste Management
A well maintained sewage network ensures that waste water is removed from households and businesses. Some of this water is also purified for gardening purposes only. Municipal refuse teams collect refuse from the different suburbs as per the collection schedule. Each household and businesses are issued with large refuse bins.
Public Health Services
This division ensures that businesses comply with health, safety and hygiene standards, especially re food preparation. The division also supports and is actively involved in various health campaigns in with the Ministry of Health to address HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and other deceases. Other services include:
•    Business registrations
•    Water quality testing & monitoring
•    Dog control and licencing
•    Vector control (curbing uncontrolled breeding of flies, mosquitoes, rats and other pests)

Parks, Sport Facilities

Tsumeb is one of the local authorityies in Namibia that owns and manages its own sport facility (Oscar Norich Stadium, Nomtsoub). The sports facilities include a soccer pitch, tennis court, netball fields, basket ball field.