Department Human Resources and Administration

Ms. Monique W. Akrong
Human Resources & Administration

Departmental Objective

To lead, develop and manage the Human Resources and Administration functions and ensure people management frameworks that will improve business performance and the achievement of the strategic objectives. Coordinate the development of the facilitation of the overall strategic planning, performance management and the compilation of the Municipal’s five-year business plan.
​​​​​​​Human Resources and Administration Department consists of two structural components name;

  • Administration

  • Human Resources

Administration Section

  1. Responsible for the clerical and administrative functions by providing support on a daily basis and rendering database support to other departments of the Council in order to ensure accurate record keeping and retrieval of documents, managing filing and archives, ultimately contributing to effective operations.
  2. Taking minutes at all Management, Council, Administrative Management Meetings and other informal Council meetings.
  3. Responsible for the switchboard operation, control of all outgoing and incoming calls in order to ensure sufficient support and smooth running of departmental activities.
  4. Responsible for the overall cleanliness of the head quarter offices/ building to ensure a clean working environment and managing the garden to enhance order.
  5. Office assistance in providing refreshments, tea/coffee during meetings and functions.
  6. Responsible for collecting mail from the post and delivering mail/hand post to stakeholders and Councillors.
  7. Rendering of administrative support to the Human Resources Department and to coordinate employee wellness and support programs in order to ensure effective and efficient operations.

Human Resources

  1. Overall responsible for the Human Resources Section is to oversee the planning, controlling, organizing and coordination of the human resource systems are maintained effectively and meet the present and future needs of the Municipality.
  2. The department is aimed at ensuring that the day-to-day operations are carried out smoothly and implementations are enforced uninterruptedly as follows;
  • Personnel Administration: Managing of Staff Leave, payroll, Medical Aid, Pension Fund, Social Security, Overtime, Standby;
  • Recruitment and Selection: Recruitment and selection process must be fairly and just.
  • Staff training and development: Ensures staff members receives adequate training in-house or externally for self growth, career development and enhancement. Council supports its staff members through a Self Study Scheme. Exchange Programmes are also in place to learn from the best practices.
  • Industrial/Labour relations: Maintaining of Discipline/ Grievance procedures and measures at the workplace, Salary negotiations, Involvement of the Trade Union/ Shop steward/Workplace Representative.
  • Employee Communication: Employees are communicated to quarterly on updates and information that might require their knowledge.
  • Budget : Compilation of departmental annual budget.
  • Annual Procurement Plan: Submission of Annual Procurement Plan on projects or activities to be done.
  • Review and implementation of Human Resources policies after five (5) years.

The department does not operated in a vacuum but its been guided by legislative tools, namely;

  1. Conditions of Service/Personnel Rules
  2. Local Authorities Act 23 of 1992 as Amended
  3. Code of Discipline and Grievance Procedures Policy
  4. Labour Act 11 of 2007/Labour Law
  5. Affirmative Action Plan
  6. Internal Policies e.g. Disciplinary and Grievance Policy; Self Study Scheme Policy, Transport Policy, Cellphone Allowance Policy, Recognition and Award Policy, etc.
  7. Council Resolutions
  8. Ministerial Directives
  9. Namibian Constitution
  10. Procurement Act of 2015

* Currently, Council is in the process of reviewing its Organizational Structure that will be posted on the website after finalization.