Junior Council 2019 - 2020

​​​​​​​Pomwene Hamutumwa

​​​​​​​Title: Junior Mayor
School: Etosha Secondary School
Grade: 12
DOB: 16 May 2000
Interest/ Hobbies: Karate, Singing and Reading

Objectives: To study medicine and become a surgeon.

’I am a Head prefect at my school and leadership has always been a part of my life. Serving on the Junior Council is an awesome platform to be the voice of the youth in Tsumeb and tackling matters around our community. I’m a visionary of a new generation, one that encourages all my peers to study smart and escape the shackles of procrastination which in the end hinders us from our true destines.’’

John Ndara​​​​​​​

Title: Deputy Secretary
School: Tsumeb Secondary School
DOB: 10 May 1999
Interest/ Hobbies: Debating, Reading , being on Social Media

Objectives: To become a Doctor

‘’ I love working with people and helping others’’

Saara Lukas

Title: Junior Secretary
School: Tsumeb Secondary School
Grade: 11
DOB: 6 December 2001
Interest/ Hobbies: Reading, Socializing, school and teen empowerment.

Objectives: To study medicine.

‘’ I am passionate about things related to science and medicine. My school work is my number one priority. I try my level best in all I do. I would like to motivate and be exemplary to my fellow teens.’’

Christian Shikuambi

Title: Junior Accountant
School: Etosha Secondary School
Grade: 12
DOB: 02 July 1999
Interest/ Hobbies: Reading, Playing PlayStation and watching tv

Objectives:To become an Auditor / Financial Advisor. To be a role model and strive for perfection. Be kind. Dream and act in life.

’ I love to learn new things. I am very outgoing, funny and kind. I talk too much once I get to know people. I want to teach people how to create wealth for themselves.’’

​​​​​​​Johannes Haunawa

Title: Junior Deputy Chief Executive Officer
School: Otjikoto Senior Secondary School
Grade: 11
DOB: 14 January 2001
Interest/ Hobbies: Playing soccer, reading newspapers and watching tv.

Objectives: To study Diesel Mechanics and Electrical Engineering.

The struggle will be long and difficult, but my people will wage the struggle.”

​​​​​​​Frieda Limbili

Title: Junior Deputy Mayor
School: Otjikoto Senior Secondary School
Grade: 12
DOB: 18 January 2001
Interest/ Hobbies: Reading novels, yoga and dancing salsa or ballet. Travelling

Objectives: Study medicine/ Arts and Fashion

’ I am hard working, committed, ambitious, disciplined and determined to strive for anything. Always show utmost respect to all. I am duly honored to serve my reign on the Junior Council’

Demi Louw

Title: Junior Public Relations Officer
School: Tsumeb Gimnasium
Grade: 11
DOB: 16 January 2001
Interest/ Hobbies:  Reading, Athletics, Love animals and nature

Objectives: To study Management and own my own Lodge

 ’ I make an effort to be nice, to be helpful and to build friendships/ relationships.  I like working with people and talking about nature. I’m very excited to be a part of the Junior Council, I think we will be a strong group.’’


Nadine Maree

Title: Junior Chief Executive Officer
School: Tsumeb Gimnasium
Grade: 11
Interest/ Hobbies: Singing, baking watching movies and doing homework.

Objectives: To study Accounting or to become a beautician

‘’ I am against racism and enjoy interacting with other cultures. Even though I am a silent person I am joyful and like being there for people in times of need.’’​​​​​​​​​​​​​​